Column: CAD Manager
Saving your assets: Storage issues loom large as data maintains its value longer.   31 Oct, 2003

In our annual review of trends and developments in the AEC software industry (Cadalyst, August 2003), we discussed the growing emphasis on BIM, or building information modeling. As BIM products and methods mature and become more ubiquitous, they will require changes in office policies and...More>>

Saving your Assets   30 Sep, 2003

How to deal with short- and long-term data storage.More>>

Upgrade dilemma:Are you ready for the march to AutoCAD 2004?   31 Jul, 2003

It's AutoCAD upgrade time again, and whether you're laboring at Autodesk or at a company that uses AutoCAD, never have the prospects, potential, and pitfalls been more difficult to discern. Companies don't want to spend money on technology, but worry about falling too far behind, especially with...More>>

Motivation and morale in difficult times: How to keep morale up during down times.   31 May, 2003

We are living through difficult times for many people, and the general anxiety level is high. There are concerns about the state of the economy and unemployment, about violence and terrorism alerts, and about armed conflict in the Middle East and the threat of additional warfare elsewhere in the...More>>

Quality assurance in AEC design CAD is changing how we handle this essential building design phase.   31 May, 2003

CAD automation in the AEC drawing production process is changing some of the fundamental processes and aspects of professional practice, and not necessarily for the better. One such area is quality assurance checking and coordinating of drawings among the various...More>>

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