Column: CAD Manager
CAD Manager: Primer on Project Archives   30 Sep, 2004

Backup systems are simply a tool by which a system server can be restored to where it was prior to a catastrophic failure such as a disk crash or a natural disaster.More>>

CAD Manager: Prepare for Performance Evaluations   14 Sep, 2004

Though motivating employees to reach new levels of productivity is satisfying, the reality of management is that not every employee you have will receive a glowing evaluation.More>>

CAD MANAGER: The Software Trap   30 Jun, 2004

Keep an eye on new technologies.More>>

More about AutoCAD Sheet Sets   31 May, 2004

Learn how data fields can tie sheet sets together and replace block attributesMore>>

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How to Configure Sheet Sets 1   30 Apr, 2004

Now that AutoCAD 2005 has been out for a little while, I bet most CAD managers have either seen or read about the new release. See our Cadalyst Labs review on p. 26 for more details. By far the biggest change in AutoCAD 2005 is the Sheet Set Manager, which lets you group layouts and drawings into...More>>