Column: Viewpoint (Guest Author)
Prepare for Ongoing CAD Training Needs Article
Prepare for Ongoing CAD Training Needs    26 Mar, 2017

Viewpoint: Keeping up with new software capabilities requires long-term effort on the part of CAD managers and users.More>>

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TurboCAD through the Years   22 Jan, 2014

The release of the software’s 20th version inspires a longtime user and beta tester to reflect on its development — and its role in the success of his business.More>>

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Could Crash Modeling Have Saved the Concordia?   7 Mar, 2012

Viewpoint: Event simulation helps automobile manufacturers design safer vehicles — and it can do the same for shipbuilders.More>>

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Why Did You Hire Me?   20 Feb, 2012

How clearly a manager communicates a worker’s responsibilities can affect everything from morale to company success.More>>

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I Am Drafter!   26 May, 2011

Assume any job title you want; just don't forget your roots in a vital and respectable craft.More>>