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Herrera on Hardware Article
CPU Boost & Base Clocks: Why They Vary and How They Impact CAD Computing Performance   15 Apr, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: Explore the often overlooked differences in clocks as a function of core count, and why boost clock specifications deserve your attention.More>>

CAD Management: Situational Awareness Article
Keep Calm & Solve the Problem   14 Apr, 2021

CAD Manager Column: Being a CAD Manager is all about soft skills, such as communication, time management, organization, and situational awareness. Having situational awareness helps you find out the cause of a problem so you can better solve it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. More>>

DraftSight Insight: Keep on Workin’ — Your Files are Safe! Video
Keep on Workin’ — Your Files are Safe!   5 Apr, 2021

DraftSight Insight: Your data is preserved when shared between AutoCAD and DraftSight and vice-versa. Find out more with Lynn Allen!More>>

Calling All Designers, Engineers Article
Calling All Designers, Engineers   1 Apr, 2021

US President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will potentially drive billions of dollars into rebuilding infrastructure, plus reinvigorate US manufacturing and more. More>>

Autodesk Releases AutoCAD 2022 Article
Autodesk Releases AutoCAD 2022   30 Mar, 2021

New version of renowned 2D/3D CAD program focuses on collaboration tools and automations. More>>

The Future Risks of Fileless Cloud CAD, Finale Article
The Future Risks of Fileless Cloud CAD, Finale   24 Mar, 2021

CAD Manager Column: Where do you think your design data belongs? In the vendor’s cloud? Your own network? Find out why you should keep control of your data.More>>

blank Article
Graphics Drivers—Purpose-Shaped for CAD Use   18 Mar, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: Keep up to date with CAD-oriented drivers and get the power you need to drive your designs.More>>

blank Sponsored
How Fast is ZWCAD 2021?   17 Mar, 2021

Sponsored: ZWCAD tests basic operations and efficiency against other CAD programs.More>>

blank Article
The Future Risks of Fileless Cloud CAD   10 Mar, 2021

CAD Manager Column: You read the news, share photos, stories, and opinions online. Now your design files and work may be in the cloud. Should you be concerned? More>>

blank Video
Become a DraftSight Layer Tools Expert with Lynn   3 Mar, 2021

Learn where all DraftSight's Layer tools are kept and how to use them.More>>

Design and Engineering Technology White Paper: Top Trends for 2020
Get this free guide to read insights and predictions from eight CAD software companies about how CAD and related technologies are changing. From the editors of Cadalyst. Download here!

The Why and How of CAD StandardsWhite Paper: The Why and How of CAD Standards
CAD standards are a much more complex — and perplexing — challenge than in the past. This 15-page guide includes Robert Green's entire four-part series of CAD Manager columns on standards, explaining how to craft standards for the modern CAD ecosystem and more. From the editors of Cadalyst. Download your copy.

A CAD Manager's Guide to Reducing ErrorsWhite Paper: A CAD Manager's Guide to Reducing Errors
This guide from Cadalyst compiles three of Robert Green's well-respected CAD Manager columns: a two-part series on adapting quality control techniques for CAD, and an overview of common CAD management mistakes. Get on the path to greater efficiency, fewer mistakes, and better results! From the editors of Cadalyst. Download your copy.

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