19" NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX

31 Mar, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America

4 stars out of 5
NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX
NEC’s MultiSync LCD 1920NX features an innovative and well-designed menu system.
The NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX is a 19" flat-panel monitor housed in a putty-gray case with five display control buttons at the bottom of the front bezel: menu, DVI-D/D-sub selector, plus, minus, and a power on/off toggle. The sleek design incorporates such elements as a pop-off cable connector cover on the back of the monitor that hides and protects the vertically mounted cables while keeping the integrity of the monitor’s clean lines.

An innovative and well-designed on-screen menu system is easy to comprehend and navigate. After seeing many menu systems that are difficult to use, it's a pleasure to find one done this well. The base for the NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX is stable, though it lacks the ability to rise or swivel.

In testing the NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX, brightness, focus, geometric distortion, and raster rotation were all excellent, with no bad pixels or LCD display streaking. Interface flicker was noticeable in several instances. I deducted a quarter-point from the contrast score because the monitor didn’t seem to cover a particularly great range and generally produced an image that lacked some crispness. Another area that proved problematic was color purity. Here, I deducted a half point for reds and greens that were overbright, which made red and green objects appear somewhat lacking in definition.

At an estimated street price of $849.99, the NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX falls into the middle of the range for 19" flat-panel displays reviewed in this roundup. Note that NEC-Mitsubishi now has a wide-screen 30" LCD display, the LCD3000, for those whose tastes run toward more exotic displays.

About the Author: Ron LaFon

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