3D Modeling Can Be Child's Play

18 Jul, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

SketchUp's weekly challenges open design arena to professionals, rookies -- even kids


Several weeks ago, Tyson Kartchner began scrutinizing chess pieces. He found rooks and bishops that looked like they'd been carved out of driftwood using a Swiss Army knife, kings and queens that were glass tubes filled with amber liquid, and pawns that actually carried shields and spears. He also found chess sets made completely of LEGOs, playing cards or Egyptian artifacts. In the following weeks, Kartchner will examine loudspeakers, soccer trophies and lawn furniture. He'll probably find they are just as fanciful as many of the chess pieces he's seen.p>

Kartchner, an online training specialist for Google SketchUp, is responsible for issuing weekly 3D Challenges to the SketchUp community. "It seems like a great way to get the existing SketchUp users involved with the new users coming on board," he says. "It's also a way to get more content into the Google 3D Warehouse," a searchable repository of user-submitted 3D objects.  Read more >>


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