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15 Dec, 2015 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Whether or not you use Autodesk products, you can benefit from Autodesk University online content.

I understand that not every CAD manager deals with Autodesk products, but the reality is many of us do. And, while not everyone who manages Autodesk products gets to attend the conference in person, everyone can benefit from Autodesk University (AU) by creating an AU account — and it's free!

Simply register on the Autodesk University web site to access the vast library of text and video resources. Class content for AU 2015 went online beginning December 15, while older content is already available.

Of particular interest to CAD managers will be the IT track courses (CAD management and technology content) along with the business management track (project implementation), architectural track (BIM), and civil/mechanical tracks (civil/GIS and mechanical modeling). Using the Search bar, you can enter keywords for more granular searches. Also be sure to investigate LAB session courses (which contain datasets and examples for hands-on learning). Plus you can view the multitude of recorded sessions anywhere you can carry a device.

Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button shown at the upper right to get started.
Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button shown at the upper right to get started.

Even if Autodesk tools aren't a part of your software environment, you'll still find tons of useful information on a variety of topics such as IT management, business and project management, building information modeling (BIM) management, interoperability of tools, and more. Given the cost — free — why wouldn't you register for an account and explore the resources available?

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