Alert! Windows 10 Coming Soon

9 Feb, 2015 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: It's on its way, so take a quick look at Microsoft’s new operating system now.

If you have to support users, you've no doubt had to explain operating system features at some point. And, while Windows 8 has gone over with a colossal thud in CAD environments, all indications show that Windows 10 will be a much better experience.

I've only had the chance to experiment with Windows 10 on a demo machine, but I have to say I love the return to the classic Windows 7 desktop interface and am a Windows 10 fan already. The recrafted tiles that comprised the primary interface in Windows 8 are now usable within the conventional desktop interface so that a Windows 7 user can get right to work. Try that with Windows 8!

To get a more broad description of Windows 10 have a look at, "It May Just Be Everything That Windows 8 Should Have Been," an excellent post by Nate Ralph of CNET.

Ralph goes through a wide swath of information covering all sorts of interface aspects, some of which you may not care about, but the sections on multiple desktops, application windows, and the new Action Center make for interesting reading.

Sooner or later you're going to have to deal with Windows 10 in your CAD environments, right? Might as well read up on it now!

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