Announcing Cadalyst All-Star Award Winners,Part 9: ImagePro Gx42 Wide-Format Scanner

13 Jun, 2007 By: Cadalyst Staff

Today's spotlight shines on the ImagePro Gx42 wide-format scanner from Paradigm Imaging.

Cadalyst All-Star awards honor the best of the best -- the most outstanding among all software and hardware products that earned Highly Recommended ratings from Cadalyst Labs in the past six months. Four software systems and five hardware products earned the latest Cadalyst All-Star awards, announced in the June 2007 of Cadalyst magazine. Today's spotlight shines on the ImagePro Gx42 wide-format scanner from Paradigm Imaging.

The ImagePRO Gx42 HD wide-format scanner was reviewed by Henrik Vestermark in the Cadalyst Daily newsletter in April 2007, when Vestermark noted that the ImagePRO scanner with ImageFLOW represents an excellent value for customers. The combination of a stand, the ImageFLOW software, two years' onsite service in the United States and Canada, 42" wide scanning capabilities and a flexible configuration, all at a mid-range price, makes this scanner a recommended tool for the CAD industry.

Paradigm Imaging, a major scanner distributor in North America for years, introduced its own line of scanners in January. The ImagePRO Gx42 HD (high-definition) series, designed for the CAD, GIS, graphic arts and reprographics market, includes six scanner models that fulfill different needs. Cadalyst reviewed the ImagePRO GxT42e HD scanner with ImageFLOW scanner software, priced at $18,895.

All ImagePRO scanners share the same hardware platform, although there are two variations. The GxT Thick series can scan material as much as 0.8" thick, and the Thin series scans material as much as 0.02" thick.

The ImagePRO 42" wide scanner fulfills mainstream needs in the CAD, GIS and reprographics world. In the past, 36" scanners were the norm, but with improved technology and lower prices, the 42" scanners are becoming the default scan-width choice. The ImagePRO's thin material scanning capability at a lower price point is a welcome option for the price-conscious CAD market.

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