Are You Headed for CAD Career Burnout?

26 Aug, 2014 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: These resources will help you recognize the signs of burnout and ward them off.

Whenever you get a room full of CAD managers talking, a topic that often comes up is career burnout. CAD managers face the same problems over and over, and must function in the stressful middle ground between user needs and management expectations. With all the production pressure and technical problems — and often, an engineering, design, or architectural workload on top of it all — it is easy to see how CAD managers can become fed up, stressed out, emotionally exhausted, and drained of all passion for the job.

While researching job burnout, I recently reread an interesting blog post by Paula Davis-Laack in Psychology Today, plus a companion piece on creating great work environments in the Harvard Business Review. Ms. Davis-Laack writes a regular column called Pressure Proof that explores how pressure affects people. I've found her insights very helpful in understanding client and personal relationships. This particular post deals with the core issues of job burnout and how to deal with it by better understanding the work environment you're in. If you've ever even suspected that you might be getting burned out, then I highly recommend that you read through both posts.

I found it interesting that the concepts discussed concerning self-care describe almost every effective manager I've ever known. In addition, the way she describes the types of companies that have fewer burned-out workers correlates with what I see in the CAD world. As I read through the Harvard Business Review article, I also realized that the same factors that burn me out as CAD manager can also cause burnout in CAD users.

It won't take long to read through these posts, and you may want to reserve some time afterward to think through the points made. Hopefully you can implement some of the ideas presented in the articles to make your job and the jobs of your CAD users less prone to burnout. I know the concepts have given me some ideas to work on with my clients.

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