AutoCAD Tips: Time-Saving Toggle Routines (Cadalyst Daily Archive)

6 Dec, 2006 By: Billy Wooten

Personalize your software with code that quickly switches a variety of variables


The term toggle usually applies to an item such as a light switch. If something toggles, it's always in one of two states: on or off. This is perfect for simple electrical or mechanical devices. We can apply the toggle concept in software programs -- even in a more versatile way. For example, we can write code to specify that if a setting is 1, change it to 2; if it is 2, then change it to 3; if it is not 3 and not 2, then change it to 4; and so forth. Following are a few simple toggle routines to help with our own daily routines.  Read more >>p>


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Kineo Releases KPP-SDK
Solution enables custom and proprietary module building. 


General Software: VPHybridCAD V9
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MCAD: Deep Creator 2.3
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