Autodesk Subscription, Part 6

17 Mar, 2010 By: Cadalyst Staff

Q&A Series: How many users can have access to Subscription Center? How do I set this up?

This Q&A is part of a series from Cadalyst and Autodesk in which the company answers readers' questions about its software subscription policies. See also the Cadalyst article, As Software Subscriptions Lapse in Down Economy, Autodesk Clarifies Policies.

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Q: How many users can have access to Subscription Center? How do I set this up?

A: Subscription Center is a password-protected web site where Autodesk Subscription customers can download software upgrades, get early access to product enhancements, request technical support, and access many other Subscription benefits.

There are three types of Subscription Center accounts you can set up:

  • Contract Manager: There is only one Contract Manager account per Subscription contract. The Contract Manager has full Subscription Center privileges and can provide site access to other users. A Subscription Center account is already set up for the Contract Manager designated on your Subscription contract. Your Contract Manager should receive a welcome e-mail from Autodesk that provides a Subscription Center user name and password. If you are the Contract Manager and you do not have your Subscription Center username or password, please review the Accessing Subscription Center Guide for assistance.
  • Software Coordinators: If desired, the Contract Manager can designate another person as the Software Coordinator for each of your Autodesk products and/or for a group of products. The Software Coordinator has full access to all benefits and is the one person who is notified by e-mail whenever software upgrades or product enhancements are released. If a Software Coordinator is not assigned, all notifications will go to the Contract Manager. To assign a Software Coordinator and to set up his/her Subscription Center account, the Contract Manager should sign in to Subscription Center, then go to: Contract Administration>Manage Software Coordinators.
  • Users: Contract Managers and Software Coordinators can set up a limited number of Subscription Center accounts for basic "users." The number of user accounts you may set up depends upon the number of seats you have on your Autodesk software license(s). To see the number of accounts may set up and/or to set up user accounts, the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator should sign in to Subscription Center, then go to Contract Administration>Invite New Users. When setting up user accounts, you can specify whether or not each user has access to specific Subscription benefits, including software download, product enhancements, and web support.

If permitted by the Contract Manager and/or Software Coordinators, users may also set up their own accounts. For more information, please review the Accessing Subscription Center Guide.

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