Book Review: Mastering Piranesi

9 Jul, 2006 By: Ron LaFon

Excellent how-to manual will assist new and veteran users of this popular rendering and visualization software


Piranesi, from Informatix Software, is a deservedly popular and very capable 3D rendering and visualization tool that offers a wealth of features. Behind its relatively simple and easy-to-use interface, Piranesi has tremendous depth of features and can produce a remarkable range of effects. Mastering Piranesi, authored by Bonnie Roskes and authorized by Informatix, is an extensive new guide written for novice and experienced users of Piranesi 4.  Read more >>p>


GIS/Geospatial Market Forecast to Reach $3.6 Billion in 2006
Daratech finds that primary growth is in commercial data products.  Read more >>

Microdesk Expands to Philadelphia, Los Angeles Area
Two new offices offer consulting, training and support for AEC, FM and GIS. 


Hardware: NextDimension FlexTop Mobile Workstation
Graphics engineering laptop now offers dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 graphics cards.  Read more >>

General Software: FilePorter Web-Based File Transfer
New service helps overcome file-size limits imposed by some ISPs.  Read more >>

GIS: SpatialDirect 2006 GB
Safe Software upgrades capabilities for delivering spatial data over the Web. 

MCAD: Carline Add-On for IronCAD v9.0
New built-in capabilities designed to assist automotive assembly line designers. 

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