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16 May, 2004 By: Cadalyst Staff

Mark English Architects boosts productivity by 25% with Graphisoft ArchiCAD

Mark English Architects, a San Francisco-based firm, says that it's realized a 25% increase in productivity from using Graphisoft's ArchiCAD software for architectural design and as a selling tool to garner support from architectural review boards.

A three-quarter view of the front facade of a new house in San Francisco at night, showing envelopes of neighboring buildings. The drawing was completed by Star Jennings from architecture by Mark English Architects using the ArchiCAD modeling and rendering engine.

An Evolving Tool
"ArchiCAD has very much evolved into a business tool for our firm. It allows us to complete more projects with the same number of employees and, by using the building information model in our presentations to clients, we gain their confidence that the designs will succeed and meet their wants," said Mark English, founder of Mark English Architects. "We've achieved the significant goals of increased productivity and higher profitability using the software."

Mark English Architects also uses ArchiCAD in approval cycles with local review boards. The firm imports photos of the surrounding environment into ArchiCAD's building information model so that neighborhood committees, design review boards, and planning commissioners can see and verify the building design and how it fits into the surrounding environment. Using this method, Mark English Architects gained approval to move ahead with a building project on a site where 10 other plans had been turned down over a span of 25 years.

"Architectural firms across the board are seeing building information modeling technology as not only an essential tool for the design team, but as a business instrument to drive continued growth and profitability," said Mark Sawyer, vice-president of Graphisoft's worldwide field organization.


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