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11 Oct, 2006 By: Robert Green

Is my company the only one that isn't using 3D design, or are there a lot more CAD managers in the same 2D boat that I'm in?

Robert Green replies: Good question! I see a lot of companies out there that are still primarily using 2D AutoCAD and Microstation. The industry hype may all be 3D, but the reality is that 2D is still alive and well and much more common that you might think.

My CAD Manager survey has repeatedly found that only 10-15% of companies have a primarily 3D design methodology. There are approximately another 30% that are piloting or investigating 3D as many processes remain 2D, and the remaining half are almost totally 2D. So if you're in a primarily 2D office you have a lot of company!

I will say that I think all CAD managers should be educating themselves about 3D software and methodologies simply to stay ahead of the curve. In fact, I would recommend downloading demo software and buying a training book so you can work on the topic in your off time if you have to. We all know that 3D will eventually take over and that those who already know the concepts will make better money and have more job opportunities, so why not take the initiative to educate yourself?

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Robert Green

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