CAD Manager's Q&A: Is CAD Management Still a Viable Career?

12 Oct, 2005 By: Robert Green

I’m a CAD manager but I worry that I might be laid off.  Is it still worthwhile to be a CAD manager in today’s outsourcing-intensive and uncertain job market?

Robert Green responds:   I absolutely think that CAD management is still a viable career and one that gives you more job certainty than those around you.

Think about what your company would lose if the CAD manager’s role went away tomorrow morning, and the answer to the question becomes clearer.  CAD managers have such a unique base of knowledge regarding their companies that they become invaluable over time if they do their jobs right.

A CAD manager should possess several of the following unique skills to be recession proof:

· A solid base of experience and knowledge related to his or her company.

· A thorough knowledge of the CAD systems used to facilitate production.

· A good working relationship with other technical management personnel.

· Good interpersonal and training skills to work with CAD staff efficiently.

· A problem-solving attitude that yields higher rates of employee productivity.

If you can honestly say you possess most or all of these skills, not only will you be around in the future, I can almost promise you’ll be the last person out the door.  As a bonus, I’d also point out that anyone with the skill set I’ve outlined will be highly desirable to any other company that is hiring, so even if you do lose your job, you’ll be well set to go elsewhere.

About the Author: Robert Green

Robert Green

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