7 Feb, 2007 By: Kenneth Wong

Bragging Rights
PLM giant UGS just got another validation of its market dominance, but it's a validation shared by its two biggest competitors: PTC and Dassault.

A recent study by market analysis firm IDC stated that "The PLM software market for each of the four discrete manufacturing industries presented in this document is clearly dominated by UGS, PTC and Dassault Systemes."

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War of Free CAD
UGS and think3 recently started giving away 2D drafting products for free to attract users, but CoCreate is going one step—or one dimension—further. It's giving away its 3D modeling software, CoCreate OneSpace. The Personal edition of OneSpace is downloadable at

According to the company Web site, the Personal edition "offers the power of our standard CoCreate OneSpace Modeling 3D CAD system, allowing you to create assemblies up to 60 parts. This version enables any engineer, designer or student to experience the extraordinary power of a dynamic modeling?based approach to 3D product development, the cornerstone of the CoCreate OneSpace Suite." CoCreate plans to keep the OneSpace download free until March 31.

In November 2006, think3 reported more than 10,000 downloads of its free 2D software. UGS press office verified that there have been 30,000 downloads of its Solid Edge 2D product.

Anyway You Slice It
Competing CAD vendors don't necessarily agree on the market ranking of their products, but they seem to be in agreement about geographic regions rife with opportunities. In January, Peter Schmitt of PTC made his first trip to the maharajas' heartland in his official capacity as vice-president of emerging geographies. In an interview with Cybermedia India Online, he defined his domain as Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Rim (Asia Pacific). "By 2008, PTC aims to achieve billion dollar revenues," he revealed. "In this journey, emerging markets will play a major role. At the same time, we have seen 12% growth in Asia, 21% growth in Europe and 38% growth in North American markets." One year ago, PTC signed a corporative marketing agreement with IBM to go after the emerging PLM markets in China.

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