Can AfterCAD InSite Democratize CAD?

15 May, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

New collaboration platform lets users view, mark up AutoCAD files via an Internet browser


"Let's face it," says Chris Boothroyd, CEO of AfterCAD, in a recent issue of his company's newsletter, "even the most dumbed down, free CAD viewers are still too technical for most folks." So later this month, his company will be launching AfterCAD InSite. Using this product, a standard Web browser is all you need to view and annotate a DWG-format CAD file.  Read more >>p>


Corsair, NVIDIA Develop New Open Memory Standard
Enhanced Performance Profiles designed to elevate performance benefits. 

MSC.Software Files Overdue SEC Reports
Daratech reports the company is moving forward, putting FTC and other issues of the past few years behind it.  Read more >>

AEC: e-SPECS v3.1
InterSpec updates specifications-management application. 

CAE: SimulationX v2
ITI Dresden introduces tool for physical system simulation.  Read more >>

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