Collaboration Vital but not Easy for AEC (Cadalyst Daily Archive)

7 Nov, 2006 By: Sara Ferris

Adobe-commissioned survey finds the field relies heavily on e-mail, fax and phone — and more than before, paper

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Collaboration is vital to AEC projects. In a recent survey, 94% of participants said they collaborate with others on project information, and 92% of those said this collaboration occurs at least once a week.p>

This past spring, Adobe Systems enlisted Harris Interactive to conduct a follow-up poll to a 2004 survey that examined document exchange practices in the AEC community. The 657 participants in the 2006 online survey included 241 identified as architects/engineering professionals, 223 construction/project management professionals and 193 owners/operators/facility managers. These findings reflect only the survey respondents, as the data were not weighted. Adobe was not identified as the survey sponsor.

One of the most interesting findings this year is that CAD files are reviewed in paper format more often now than in 2004 -- despite improvements in digital markup tools such as Adobe’s Acrobat and Autodesk’s DWF Composer. Review of CAD files solely in electronic format dropped to 23% in 2006, down from 33% in 2004. Read more >>


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