Computational Tools for Managing Networks

9 Sep, 2014 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Check out new bandwidth calculator and other useful free tools.

In "Choose Your Battles," I discussed the importance of having adequate bandwidth to power your cloud- and Internet-based CAD tools. To this end, I recommend's Tools page (pictured below), for a collection of handy computational tools.'s Tools page

A quick click on the Bandwidth Calculator button yields the following screen, which allows easy translation of file sizes (typically in bytes) to bits, and transfer times for various commercial connections experienced in remote nodes on corporate local-area networks (LANs).

Bandwidth Calculator

By multiplying the file size by a factor of 1.5 or so, you can take into account latency and traffic caused by other users competing with you for a given file transfer. These tools make it much easier to illustrate to management how working over cloud/Internet connections will be affected by existing bandwidth connections.

As a side note, the Tools page also has links to other resources from vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco, and a variety of independent speed benchmark tests you can use to better understand your network environment. I've bookmarked a number of these tools and use them often at client sites, so I'm betting you'll find them useful as well.

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