Coping with Standards Violators (CAD Manager's Toolbox)

27 May, 2008 By: Robert Green

What to do when users refuse to follow standards.

I've got a couple of users who simply won't follow standards even though I've gone to their bosses and have tried everything I can think of. What can I do to get these users in line?

Robert Green replies: First, accept the fact that you have some unruly users and get past the frustration. The only thing you know for sure is that what you've tried so far hasn't worked and continuing along the same track will probably never work.

Now, go back to their boss and make the lack of standards about money and watch what happens. Rather than saying "I'm so tired of these users not following standards," you'll now say the following:

"These two users' lack of adherence to standards have cost us 42 hours of rework on our latest project. At $40/hour average labor cost, these two users have actually cost us $1680 (42 x 40) in lost productivity. Imagine the money we could save if this weren't a problem."

Now you've framed the issue of following standards as something purely financial, and upper management cannot ignore that fact. Now ask your management to enforce standards and make it clear to any recalcitrant users that not following the rules will be viewed as a violation of company policies.

You will probably have a couple of users mad at you for a few days, but the standards problems should come to a screeching halt.

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Robert Green

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