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24 Sep, 2014 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Free video converter makes it easy to convert formats and process files.

When creating training videos for clients, I often receive a variety of video and audio files created on PCs or Macs, or even captured from broadcast equipment. Between the various video formats (MP4, MOV, WMV), differing resolutions (1,080p, 720p, legacy 1024, etc.), and the possible need to mute or export audio from the video files, it often took me hours to figure out how to set everything up in the editing program Camtasia before I could even get started.

I've recently started to use Any Video Converter (AVC) by Ultimate Multimedia Solutions to convert formats, make resolutions consistent, and process audio with a lot less hassle.

The AVC page offers a quick download link.
The AVC page offers a quick download link.

I downloaded and installed the tool with no problems while keeping my virus and SpyBot applications active. There were no spyware surprises and the installation proceeded uneventfully.

I was able to get to work immediately, converting a couple of 8-GB 1,080p-resolution MP4 movie files to a neutral MOV file format and exporting the embedded audio to a separate WAV file to insert them both into my Camtasia project. Because you can add and configure multiple files, you can convert them in batches during breaks or overnight, which was great for me given the time it takes to convert such huge files.

The program makes it easy to add videos for batch conversion.
The program makes it easy to add videos for batch conversion.

As I've worked more with AVC, I've found great utilities like video cropping, rotating (great for recordings from smartphones), the ability to break large videos into smaller segments, etc. In fact I feel like I've barely started using all the features of this tool. There is a professional version for $39 that provides more functionality, but the free version has done everything I need so far.

If you create your own training videos, I bet you'll find this tool as useful as I do.

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