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12 Feb, 2006 By: Cadalyst Staff Cadalyst

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Calling All Tipsters
I've just downloaded the BRACKET.LSP tip and it has one major draw back. It only really works in Imperial drawings. It will produce a bracket in Metric. But it's almost useless. Perhaps it could be rewritten to ask for Imperial or Metric?

I had another thought: All the dialog boxes we see either in AutoCAD or in AutoLISP routines submitted by AutoCAD users look the same. There is no pow or pizzazz to them. Is it possible to create a dialog box that looks like an Okudagram (think Star Trek)-maybe with some color--or are DCL files carved in stone? If they can look as cool as an Okudagram, perhaps issue a challenge to the AutoCAD community to produce a better dialog box.

I love cruising your column. The IMPORTXYZ.LSP is Solid Gold as far as I'm concerned.

— Don Boyer, via Internet

Editors respond:
Tipsters? Anyone ready to roll up their sleeves and write one of these?

CADDIES—Where are they now?
I just realized I have not seen anything about Caddies Image Awards lately. Are they gone for good? Please update us readers who enjoyed them. I didn't care so much for the "prizes" as much as seeing the cool stuff of users' imaginations.

— Rocky Brown, via Internet

Editor responds:
We discontinued the Caddies contest a year or two ago. We found it harder and harder to line up good prizes. In addition, most vendors now offer their own contests, so it seemed we were duplicating efforts.

Cad Standards?
Can you send me architectural CAD Standards that I can use.

— Faghree Salie, via Internet

Bill Fane responds:
I'm afraid I can't, for two reasons:
1. My background is mechanical rather than architectural
2. A full cad standard is quite a complex topic, especially for architectural use.
I suggest you look at the Architectural Institute of America Web page to see for more information.

In addition, search the Cadalyst Web site for more on CAD Standards. We cover the topic at least once a year.

Programmable Keyboards
I'm looking for a quality programmable keyboard for AutoCAD. We are currently using MCK-142 keyboards supplied by Adesso and we're not happy with the performance. They are not even two years old and we've had to send a couple back for repair. Now the company does not want to honor their warranty. We originally used a Keytronics keyboard but I do not know if they are currently being manufactured. If you can recommend a model, we'd appreciate it.

— Doug, via Internet

Editors respond:
We really haven't looked at programmable keyboards, so I'm afraid we can't be of much help. There is a company that makes custom keyboards for different applications, but I don't think they do one for AutoCAD. I'd suggest posting your question in the Autodesk discussion group area (either in an AutoCAD forum or in the cad manager area) and see what others have to say. Sorry I can't be of more help.

AutoCAD on 64-bit Systems
I've been getting you're magazine for some time now and have seen an article about AutoCAD on a 64-bit system. Have you heard of any bugs or problems with running Autodesk Building Systems 2005 on a 64 bit system?

— Shane Williams, via Internet

Editors respond:
The short answer is no, but someone with Architectural Desktop did report some issues. I'd suggest you check the Autodesk discussion forums to see if anyone else has reported problems. There is a search function where you can search the ABS forum for "64-bit" or a similar term.

Talking Turkey?
In your editorial Talking Turkey in the November 2005 issue, you mention that "some mainstream CAD vendors are now supporting the Linux operating system, making that a viable option for architecture and manufacturing firms."

Can you elaborate? I have done a quick search on the Web and can't find any recent postings anywhere to support this statement. My company supports Linux and Unix. This information would be extremely helpful in clarifying how best to advise my clients.

— Dale Kopp, via Internet

Editors respond:
PTC implemented support in Pro/E Wildfire 2.
UGS has also announced plans.
On the AEC side, Bricsnet supports Linux. They may not be considered mainstream, but they do have a history in the industry.

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