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31 Jan, 2008 By: Cadalyst Staff

Readers have their say.

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Cadalyst Dialog Box

Finding Your Favorite Cadalyst Content
How about offering an e-mail newsletter containing Lynn Allen's "Circles and Lines" columns? This column has always been my favorite!
—Ronnie Collins, by e-mail

Editors' Reply
Thanks for sending your feedback. We don't have plans currently to offer our exclusive AutoCAD tutorials via e-mail, but we can suggest a few options for finding the latest versions of your favorites.

  • An old standby is back! Subscribe to the What's New at e-mail newsletter (AEC or Manufacturing edition) and be among the first to know each month when the latest content is live on and then link directly to your favorites.

  • Bookmark the archives pages of your favorite Cadalyst exclusive online CAD tutorials and check each month for the latest edition.

  • Subscribe to a RSS feed to receive an alert any time new content is posted, including tutorials, product reviews, news, and much more.

A Great Delivery
It was refreshing to read an article ["What is VI Doing for Brown?" by Bruce Jones] that was not a fluff piece by a vendor. You acknowledged sticky points in the project and did not pretend that everything was made wonderful by some latest software. I think that you are right on that a certain amount of interpersonal communication is necessary and that is really what we are paid for. Thanks for a great article!

—Jim Schenck, Lisbon, New Hampshire

Happy 25th Anniversary
Congratulations Cadalyst on your 25th anniversary. One nugget of history is that Autodesk donated a fax machine to help the early Cadalyst newsletter get going. I also hold the first three Cadalyst newsletters in my collection of Autodesk/AutoCAD historical items that were shown recently at Autodesk University 2007. You can see some of these images in my Flickr gallery in the Autodesk History Collection. Also another collection is on my unofficial AutoCAD History site. Here's to another 25 years!

—Shaan Hurley, Salt Lake City, Utah

In Love with Cadalyst
I really enjoy the Web site for its detailed information on CAD issues and the latest, current information that always makes me up-to-date among my colleagues here in Nigeria, who have themselves been falling in love with the site too.

Although there are a lot of new versions of software that we are yet to use here, Cadalyst gives us hope that we are getting closer to achieving ease in either 2D or 3D drawings/presentations, respectively.

—Emma Adaji, by e-mail

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