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11 Jan, 2006 By: Cadalyst Staff Cadalyst

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No Room for Cheaters
I am an instructor at SIAST in Saskatchewan. I have some suspect drawings from students and I remember reading one of your articles that mentioned an AutoLISP routine that catches cheaters. I was wondering if I might be able to get a copy of your routine.
— Don Williams, via Internet

Bill Fane replies:
See attached file: The NoCheat lisp routine must be installed before the offense takes place; unfortunately, it will not retroactively find cheaters. As the notes explain, however, there may still be incriminating evidence in older drawings. Good hunting!

Isometric dimensioning question
In your May 2005 column, you say, "Isometric dimensioning in AutoCAD is easier than it looks."

"Oh, really!" I say. Why do you suppose Autodesk has not improved on this process?

— Michael Pasierb, via Internet

Bill Fane replies:
Why has Autodesk not improved it? Because it wants you to use 3D, or better yet Inventor, to show 3D objects.

Cadalyst DWF Winner
A very special thanks to Cadalyst. I feel extremely happy and honored in winning the jump drive prize for my DWF in your DWF Gallery. It will keep my spirits high and will encourage me to regularly participate in such competitions.

— Vijay Rathod, via Internet

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