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30 Jun, 2008 By: Cadalyst Staff

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Cadalyst Dialog Box

Bringing Wonder and Imagination to CAD
Fantastic! I only wish I had the opportunity these kids (" 'Revit Kids' Present School of the Future") have. Maybe they will help adult designers rethink their entrenched ideas of "how things should be." Many times we don't think of what's possible because "we've always done it this way." May the Revit Kids keep their sense of wonder and imagination as they grow older "And the children shall lead" -- Shakespeare.
—Chris Lease
Fairbanks, Alaska

Disappointing History
Funny, this look back ("The Highs and Lows of CAD Hardware") is as far out of mainstream CAD 25 years ago as an Apple computer was to use in your analogy. CAD 25 years ago was on VAX computers with workstations. They performed the work while an Etch-a-Sketch was more useful for drawing than a PC. Useable engineering PCs did not appear until the 486 chipsets. I don't care if you post this, but I do want to express my disappointment that this ignored 95% of the CADD industry of the time.

—Mike Cavana
Falkville, Alabama

The Importance of Being Rational
"Rational vs. Irrational Decisions" is an excellent article, Mike. Even if it seems like stating the obvious, it's often what we need to remember. It's worth revisiting this topic when making decisions about MCAD purchases or developments. A rationally based decision also gives you more ammunition when cross-questioned.

—Edwin Muirhead
Dundee, Scotland

Congratulations on Cadalyst's 25th
Happy 25th to Cadalyst -- wonderful magazine, great dedicated people. Congratulations also to Nancy Johnson, because she is a big part of it.

—Leonid Nemirovsky
Jacobs Engineering, Bellevue, Washington

Love Those Tips!
I love the tips. They make opening e-mail well worthwhile and exciting. They're a great way to update ones functionality. The reminders are helpful also. I can't remember all of the options all of the time.

—Gene Nagle
Pueblo, Colorado

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