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30 Apr, 2008 By: Cadalyst Staff

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Cadalyst Dialog Box

Some Good Classes, Eh?
I am wondering if there are any conferences scheduled for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, that deal with AutoLISP programming and other AutoCAD how-to's?
—Bruce Ducharme, Drafting Process Specialist
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Editors Respond
You can check Cadalyst's online calendar of events, which we update every week.

You might find some good options doing a Google search to see what pops up. Another option would be to locate some AutoCAD resellers in your area (try the Autodesk Web site) and check with them about classes. There might also be an Autodesk users group in Winnipeg that could link you with some good resources. Also check with universities and colleges.

Many books (check and Web sites offer information about both subjects if you can't find in-person instruction.

If you haven't done so already, please take a look at for AutoCAD tutorials and AutoLISP-related resources (such as our "Hot Tip Harry" column and our Tips & Tools Weekly or Harry's Code Class e-newsletters).

Missing Viewer
Your February 2008 article about CAD viewers ("More than Meets the Eye") made no mention of Bentley's free viewer Bentley View, even though it allows you view, measure, and print the two most popular CAD file formats -- DWG and DGN. Bentley also offers Bentley Redline, which adds redlining capabilities and is free to Bentley SELECT subscribers.

—Tim Grimm, associate, design technology manager
LMN Architects, Seattle, Washington

Editors Respond
Although Cadalyst attempts to provide reviews of a representative range of products in its main cover story features, the magazine cannot review every available product in every review.

3D Implementation Series is Fantastic
I just finished Robert Green's "Realist's Guide to 3D Implementation, Part 3" from the CAD Manager's Newsletter. This series is fantastic! I manage 20 AutoCAD users, and our department has had an eye on implementing 3D for years now.

About two months ago, I took a week of Autodesk Inventor training and came out with more questions than answers. I have to admit the teacher was subpar, and that didn't help. Green's comment that it's never as easy as they make it sound is on target. I have heard the claims at the Autodesk University events for a few years now. I expected a much easier transition. I've actually been doing 3D in AutoCAD for some time now and find it easy and intuitive, especially since AutoCAD 2007. The jump from AutoCAD 3D to Inventor 3D is substantial. It's a very different approach to design, and the environments are not similar.

I shared these articles with both my engineering manager and our company owner. Some of my own thoughts were confirmed by your observations, but much of what you covered I had not even thought about. I will be keeping these articles around for future reference.

—Mark Johnston
Westmark Products, Tacoma, Washington

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