Dialog Box: Readers Have Their Say

11 Jul, 2006 By: Cadalyst Staff

Hot off the press for July, Cadalyst readers and Web site visitors pick our brains and tell us what's on their minds


For more than a year now, Cadalyst's Dialog Box -- the popular collection of letters from our readers that once appeared in each issue of the magazine -- has found its home on Easy for some to find and easily overlooked by others, we thought we'd bring each new installment to the attention of Cadalyst Daily readers for you to enjoy "hot off the press."

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In this month's Dialog Box, you'll find letters from readers on the following topics:

  • Feedback about fillets, custom linetypes and the Modify dialog box in AutoCAD.
  • A correction about "shaded views" described in the June 2006 Cadalyst Labs review of Alibre Design 9.
  • A plea for more SolidWorks coverage.
  • Feedback about ProgeSOFT's progeCAD software.
  • And more.

IDEAL Offers 3D CAD Printer Services to Aid AEC, GIS Users
Company can assist with file preparation and conversion to guarantee successful 3D printing.  Read more >>


Hardware: Mobile Workstation Modules for Extreme HD Graphics
Eurocom launches upgradeable notebook VGA modules with 512MB video. 

General Software: progeCAD 2006 Professional v6.1.9
ProgeSOFT upgrades CAD software features and compatibility. 

GIS: Leica Virtual Explorer 3.1
Leica Geosystems upgrades 3D visualization tool. 

MCAD: AliasStudio Personal Learning Edition
Autodesk upgrades free downloadable software for students and industrial designers.  Read more >>

MCAD: Airframe Design Environment
VISTAGY CAD system is said to be the first specifically tailored to designing and manufacturing airframes.  Read more >>

MCAD: solidThinking 7.0
EVOQE upgrades Windows- and MAC-compatible application for industrial and graphics design.  Read more >>

Granta Design updates materials data management software for aerospace, defense, energy applications.  Read more >>

CAE: MD Patran
New system from MSC.Software offers advanced pre- and postprocessing for multidisciplinary analysis.  Read more >>

Latest version of 2D/3D system has been rebuilt from the ground up, company reports.  Read more >>

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Cadalyst Staff

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