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21 Jun, 2011 By: Robert Green

Reader James Klob wrote in to share his experience with Dropbox, a file storage and sharing service.

"Dropbox is the easiest way that I have found to share files not only with myself, but with subcontractors and vendors. When I need details from an outside vendor, I can put the files in a Dropbox folder and share it with that person. He or she can open the file and, if need be, add information to it. This way, I know that everybody is working on the same information.

"I also use Dropbox when I work from home or a job site. I can access all the files from my home computer, laptop, or Android phone. If I need to answer a question on a job site, it is much easier to look up the drawings than to guess and potentially give the wrong information. I can also attach files to an e-mail right from Dropbox on my phone.
Dropbox devices are configured (as shown above) and can be accessed from an Internet browser (as shown below).
"Dropbox is just a folder in My Documents; as soon as I drop files into the folder they are uploaded to the Internet and I have complete access to them. You can add files from any device and gain access from any device you have linked, and if that folder is shared with other people, they will have instant access to that file.

Users can drop files into the Dropbox folder, then access them from other devices.

"To me, there is no better way to store and share files on the Internet. Dropbox saves me time — and in today's market, time is money."

Note from Robert Green: As press time approached, Dropbox experienced an embarrassing password security glitch, which has since been resolved. Read the report on CNET.

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