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31 Jan, 2007 By: Amy Stankiewicz

Expanding our services at Cadalyst to help you enhance your business.

At Cadalyst, we are continually working to provide you with resources to enhance your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. This month, I'm delighted to announce new resources available at, including a collaborative Web-based project-management tool, Cadalyst Online PlanRoom, and a useful new e-mail newsletter titled Harry's Code Class: Tips for Programmers that offers instruction on LISP, VBA and Object ARX programming for AutoCAD.

 Amy Stankiewicz
Amy Stankiewicz

The Cadalyst Online PlanRoom, hosted by Ideal Scanners & Systems, provides CAD users and managers with a secure, convenient way to access confidential project plans, specifications and large-format drawings using only a Web browser! In addition to free signup, users of Cadalyst Online PlanRoom will benefit from management tools that facilitate project collaboration, shorten bid times and mitigate expensive overnight delivery. The secure Web portal allows users to monitor projects in all phases, as well as perform on-site edits and markups with either a tablet or laptop PC and retrieve large-format drawings for distribution and local printing. We're also offering an Online PlanRoom discussion forum in which you can connect with Ideal's staff to ask questions about the tool and offer suggestions to enhance PlanRoom's usability.

Led by Cadalyst's contributing editor Bill Kramer, author of the popular "Hot Tip Harry" column, the new Harry's Code Class: Tips for Programmers e-mail newsletter is designed for both seasoned AutoCAD users and beginning programmers who seek information about LISP, VBA and Object ARX programming for AutoCAD. The newsletter offers a direct line to die-hard AutoCAD users who frequently search and the Cadalyst Tips and Tools Weekly e-mail newsletter for AutoCAD tips and tricks and related solutions.

Cadalyst has also elevated the visibility of its Get the Code! AutoLISP archives on Now you can download any code from 1993 to the present via the Get the Code! link that's available at the top of Cadalyst's home page as well as its AEC, GIS, Manufacturing and Management sites. We've also made Cadalyst's ever-popular discussion forums and timely software and hardware product reviews more visible at Visit today and link to these tools via the navigation tabs located at the top of all of the Cadalyst Web sites.

Also worth mentioning is the more direct access we're offering to our sister Web site, Innovate Forum, which focuses on manufacturing innovation and the business of R&D and product design and development. Innovate Forum is featured in a tab at the top of Cadalyst's Manufacturing Web site.

As you can see, Cadalyst continues to expand its editorial platform to provide new resources in an online environment that offers fast access to the information you need to get your job done. I hope you'll find these new tools as exciting as I do. Drop me a to let me know what you think of these newest professional amenities!

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