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30 Jun, 2008 By: Kenneth Wong,Nancy Johnson

Together we'll deliver the information and tools our Cadalyst readers can't pass up.

If you read "Editor's Window," I'll bet you're the type who likes to know what's going on behind the scenes in the CAD world — and therefore, you already might have heard about the changing of the guard here at Cadalyst. In June, publisher Amy Coronato Osborn named me Cadalyst editor-in-chief, and contributing editor Kenneth Wong accepted a position as executive editor. Rounding out the editorial staff are two other familiar Cadalyst names: Lisa McAdam, managing editor, and Gloria Goskie, digital media editor.

This is an amazing editorial team, if I do say so myself. Kenneth has been a Cadalyst contributing editor since 2005, and was an editor at Cadence before we acquired that publication in late 2003. Those of you who follow Kenneth's CAD writings realize he's a smart, gifted writer who knows the CAD world inside and out. He will continue rubbing elbows in the CAD community and delivering the CAD news and feature articles you rely on — plus a few new offerings (stay tuned). In this new role, Kenneth will also have a hand in editorial operations and decisions, lending insight and expertise day to day.

Lisa and Gloria have decades of combined publishing experience. In their hands, the magazine, e-newsletters, and Web site content is shined to a high polish. In as few words as possible about myself, I'll say that I'm also what you'd consider a veteran in publishing. I've worked as Cadalyst digital media editor for the past four years, and several years before that I was editor-in-chief of a transportation technology magazine. In roughly 20 years total, I've always remained faithful to my readers. I thrive on delivering information and tools I know you'll value and occasionally surprising you with something you didn't expect but will love none the less. If you'd like to pick my brain or share your own ideas, please contact me at the e-mail address below.

For you, the reader, what all this means is better-than-ever content coming your way from Cadalyst magazine and Watch while we take "the usual" up a notch and bring you more than a little of the unexpected. With the help of this great team, I promise to get the CAD world buzzing.

Nancy Spurling Johnson
Editor-In-Chief, Cadalyst

Greetings from the deck! In my previous incarnation as a junior Cadence editor, I copyedited a monthly feature called "First Draft," the window where the magazine's then-editor-in-chief Arnie Williams shared his visions. In one installment, Arnie was prompted to respond to a reader who challenged his wisdom in devoting too much print real estate to "online design and collaboration trends" ("Bellwether or Hype?" Cadence, February 2001).

Defending his decision, Arnie wrote, "As a media group that needs to serve both the present and the future . . . we'd be remiss if we didn't also devote coverage to the technology developments taking place today that point to our future."

In the same issue, Jerry Laiserin reviewed Revit 2.0, Robert Green compared Buzzsaw and Bricsnet, and Lynn Allen discussed AutoCAD 2000/2000i. With my limited understanding of the industry and technologies, I didn't fully comprehend what these columnists were pointing out. I certainly couldn't tell if Arnie was justified. So I concentrated on catching misplaced commas and extraneous dashes.

Developments in the past decade proved Arnie was right. Today, online collaboration is an indispensable part of our design practices and production workflows. And after a series of career moves (and a few missteps), I find myself once again working with the columnists whose work once made me marvel. Sometimes at tradeshows, someone notices that I am wearing a press badge and corners me with questions such as, "Do you really think product lifecycle management is going anywhere?" or "Has innovation gone overseas?" I'm surprised I can actually give a cogent answer.

When Cadalyst offered me my new post, I realized I've been given a gift — the chance to anticipate where the industry would be and help steer the readers there. Guided by the wisdom of veteran CAD writers and the experience of Nancy Johnson, our leap into the next decade will be a journey of new discoveries. Let's hoist sail and ride the wind!

Kenneth Wong
Executive Editor, Cadalyst
kenneth.wong (at)

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