ETO Helps Get It Right the First Time

20 Sep, 2006 By: Thomas R. Cutler

Today's enterprise technologies pair with CAD so manufacturers can compete effectively in the world of engineered-to-order.


When project-based manufacturers are designing to the customer's specifications rather than configuring a design from a preset mix of common components, a collaborative environment becomes extremely important.p>

In the past, engineered solutions required lengthy bid generation processes before the fabricator could deliver a strong response to a proposal request. Interaction between engineering and manufacturing was hindered based on the lack of system tools and lack of integration between CAD and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. All this impacted customer response time and generated internal disconnects between engineering and manufacturing.

But today, technology is much improved. Building on today's process and system enhancements, many project-based and ETO (engineered-to-order) manufacturers have learned to excel in this complex environment. Bidding is less complicated and integrated tools dramatically improve the manufacturing process -- specifically, customer response time, design innovation, competitive pricing based on knowledge of similar past projects, and parts reuse when appropriate.  Read more >>


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