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31 Oct, 2007 By: Amy Stankiewicz

I have the pleasure of introducing Jerry Laiserin, one of the leading AEC industry analysts, as the newest member of the Cadalyst editorial team.

I'd like to use this month's editorial space to introduce Cadalyst's newest contributing editor, AEC expert Jerry Laiserin. With more than 25 years' experience implementing digital technology and serving as a highly reputed consultant, analyst, and commentator for the AEC industry, Jerry now joins Cadalyst as an AEC software reviewer and writer of a new monthly column titled "AEC Insight."

Amy Stankiewicz
Amy Stankiewicz

Starting this month, Jerry will contribute his insight and analysis through the development of thought-provoking columns focused on today's trends in AEC technology and practice. Jerry's column will replace the magazine's previous "AEC in Focus" column. His premiere column can be found on page 46.

In addition to writing his monthly column, Jerry will augment Cadalyst's coverage of today's hottest AEC products and services in the way of product reviews. I'm confident that his extensive experience and solid reputation will advance Cadalyst's mission of remaining the leading industry resource for users and procurers of CAD technology. I hope you agree.

"Beyond just focusing on AEC, I hope to get under the surface and explore the real-world significance of technology across all disciplines, phases, and roles among Cadalyst's AEC readers," Jerry has said.

Known throughout the AEC industry as the "godfather of BIM (building information modeling)," Jerry has played a key role in bringing both the term and the concept to the attention of industry professionals. In 2002–2003, he spearheaded a successful effort to achieve industrywide consensus around BIM, and in 2005 he co-produced (with Georgia Tech) the first industry/academic conference on the topic.

Jerry's consulting clientele includes Top 500 design and construction organizations, public and private owner/operators, and various vendors of software and services for the AEC market. He has presented hundreds of seminars focused on emerging trends in design, construction, and facilities management at professional society conventions and trade show venues worldwide and has been invited to speak at such institutions as Harvard Graduate School of Design, Michigan State University, and Pratt Institute. Jerry also has published articles in a wide variety of AEC and technology media, including the ACADIA Quarterly, CADence magazine, and Architectural Record.

Next year, readers can look forward to a host of intriguing columns from Jerry. Some of the topics that he will tackle in his "AEC Insight" column in 2008 include architectural design on Macs, simulation technology for optimizing building performance, builders' information modeling, and more. Join me in welcoming Jerry to our team. I look forward to enjoying a long, productive relationship with him as we move Cadalyst into the future.

Amy Stankiewicz
Editor-In-Chief, Cadalyst

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