First Look: Dell Precision 490 Workstation

27 Sep, 2006 By: Ron LaFon

Highly recommended system is fast, compact, quiet -- and good-looking.


The Dell Precision 490 next-generation workstation is designed for high performance in space-constrained environments. It offers reliability and scalability, making it as at home next to the CAD operator's workspace as it is on the financial trading floor. The Precision 490 system that Cadalyst received had a Dell/Intel motherboard that featured two Intel Xeon 5150 (WoodCrest) 2.66GHz processors and used the Intel E5000X (GreenCreek) chipset. The Xeon had a 4MB L2 cache, and the chipset provided a FSB (front-side bus) speed of 1333MHz. The test system had 2GB of FBD-DDR2-667MHz ECC SDRAM memory, out of a possible of 32GB when fully populated. The workstation had a total of eight memory sockets, six of which were free in the tested configuration.  Read more >>p>


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