First Look Review: CADVault (Cadalyst Daily Archive)

1 Oct, 2006 By: Patrick Davis

Highly recommended tool secures both graphical and nongraphical elements in AutoCAD drawings.

General Software

As more companies share digital assets, digital rights management has become increasingly important. CADVault by CADLock is a digital rights management system that enables you to secure part or all of an AutoCAD drawing, yet still allows the recipients of your drawing to view and print it.p>

CADVault works by creating vault objects. Vault objects are custom AutoCAD objects that behave similarly to a block. When you create a new vault, you define a selection set of objects to be secured in the vault. Like a block, a vault object displays an image of the objects it contains. If you have the key (or password) to the vault, you can move, copy and even explode the vault. You can also think of the process as similar to locking layers -- only you select the objects you wish to lock, and you must have the key to edit or even view those objects.  Read more >>


Avatech Releases Q4 and Year-End Financial Results
Design software developer reports record numbers. 

Bentley Sponsors Scholarship Competition
Students from middle school through university level will compete for scholarships and software for their schools.  Read more >>


AEC: Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8 XM Edition
Modeling software release adds an enhanced 3D symbol libraries and an enhanced graphical user interface to the design and document production features of the 2004 edition.  Read more >>

MCAD: ICEM Surf 4.6
Version 4.6 of surface design suite to be released in November.  Read more >>

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