First Look Review: SmartBLOCKS for AutoCAD

18 May, 2006 By: Ron LaFon

Mask drawing objects without all the work.


Wouldn't it be nice to define blocks that automatically masked drawing elements behind them? Think of the time and money that could be saved. p>

Luckily, SmartBLOCKS for AutoCAD can do just that.

Users can insert and manipulate SmartBLOCKS just like normal AutoCAD blocks. The difference is that a SmartBLOCK can mask or hide drawing elements behind the SmartBLOCK that wouldn't normally be visible, without trimming or erasing those elements. As long as a user doesn't explode a SmartBLOCK, he or she can move it around the drawing using normal AutoCAD commands without affecting the underlying drawing.  Read more >>


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