Get Your Own Autodesk University Account

10 Dec, 2014 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Access the library of classes and other resources for free.

I'd like to point out what a great resource an Autodesk University (AU) online account can be. Simply register at and you can access a vast library of resources — both text and video — for free. You don't have to attend AU or purchase any Autodesk products to use these resources, which include keynote addresses, technology previews, and classes.

Get Your Own Autodesk University Account

Even if you don't use Autodesk software products, you can still find useful information on a variety of topics such as IT management, business and project management, building information modeling (BIM) management, interoperability of tools, and more. Given that there's no charge, there's no reason not to register and explore the resources available!

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Robert Green

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