Going with the Flow

13 Sep, 2006 By: Michelle Nicolson

Healthcare company turns around a part redesign in a matter of days instead of months, thanks to CFD software.

Success Story

VIASYS Healthcare is a company that understands the value of time. The organization develops, manufactures, markets and services medical devices used in respiratory care, neurology, vascular medicine, critical care and the medical and surgical products markets. These complex and high-tech products are designed for diagnosing and treating cardiopulmonary, digestive, neurological, respiratory and vascular disorders for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients -- health issues where time is of the essence and improved products can make a difference in a patient's recovery.p>

The company made a challenge to its team of R&D engineers: Redesign the flow generator, a key component of the company's nasal CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device that fits on the patient's nose to aid breathing. The company wanted a redesigned flow generator that would fit all the products in its ventilator line. This piece of plastic is tiny -- just .04" -- but vital to the ventilation system.

VIASYS engineers have used SolidWorks for their mechanical designs for about three years, then added STAR-Works CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software from CD-adapco two years ago. STAR-Works integrates into SolidWorks, so the engineers didn't have to import or transfer any data to run the tests. The team's latest challenge seemed like a perfect opportunity to test out the CFD software's capabilities.  Read more >>


Open Design Alliance Supports AutoCAD 2007 File Format
New DWGdirect release writes "trusted" DWG files. 

Intel-Based Macs Speed Archicad Performance
Graphisoft finds two-fold improvement compared with Mac G5s.  Read more >>

Hardware: Seiko Teriostar LP-1010
Paradigm Imaging Group to distribute large-format, high-speed networked printer.  Read more >>

General Software: XVL Studio Option for U3D
Lattice Technology's file generator enables its users to embed 3D data in Adobe PDF files.  Read more >>

General Software: Kinnosa Enterprise Document Management
New version from Empresa Solutions comes with new name for eChange (MOTIVA).  Read more >>

General Software: Bluebeam PDF Revu Version 4.7
Solutions create PDF files from CAD applications. 

General Software: DirectConnect
Autodesk releases downloadable upgrades for its suite of data translators and introduces versions for CATIA, AliasStudio users.  Read more >>

General Software: Scan2CAD Pro Trial
Fully functional trial version of raster-to-vector conversion software can be used indefinitely as free CAD raster editor.  Read more >>

MCAD: Tecnomatix Production Management
Shop-floor and PLM integration solution from UGS is designed to facilitate product launches and regulatory compliance.  Read more >>

CAE: Fluent Connection 1.1
Software operates within UGS NX, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire or SolidWorks to check
CAD models for simulation-related problems. 

About the Author: Michelle Nicolson

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