A Guide to Building Rapport

7 Jan, 2014 By: Robert Green

This book on influence and leadership can help build your CAD management skills.

I don't often recommend books, but when I find one that has a strong value for CAD managers, I want to share it. I think Influence and Leadership: Building Rapport in Teams by Michael Nir fits the bill nicely.

Nir focuses on building teams, communicating, and getting buy-in from those in your organization that you hope to lead. Since that is very much what CAD managers do, I've found this book to be an interesting read.

Nir's style is concise, approachable, and at no time dictatorial. After you read through his approach to get people thinking without feeling that they've been unduly influenced, you'll realize that his book does this exact same thing!

If you're open to reading a book on management theory, I recommend this one highly.

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Robert Green

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