How to Launch a Product Without the Product

7 Aug, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

Ford's creative design agency uses virtual photography to create marketing materials for vehicles still in development


Last year, Burrows, Ford's design agency in the United Kingdom, dispatched a team to Valencia, Spain, to shoot still images. The project was part of a new campaign to promote two new Ford models -- the Galaxy and the S-Max -- that debuted at Autoshow Geneva 2006 in March.p>

The creative team at Burrows imagined a brochure showcasing the Galaxy inside Valencia's Science Park. They thought the futuristic backdrop would complement the car's elegant design. So the photographers began snapping pictures of the interiors of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's transparent domes and corridors. Observers, however, were a bit perplexed. "You say you're working on a car campaign," they inquired, "but where is the car?"  Read more >>


GlobeExplorer Imagery Available Inside ESRI Solutions
ArcWeb Services and ArcGIS Explorer users can access Web-based archives of aerial and satellite imagery.  Read more >>

Intergraph and Pictometry Form Marketing Alliance
Emergency incident management software now enables access to aerial imagery to better assist 911 operators.  Read more >>


Hardware: MDX-540 SRP
Roland Advanced Solutions Division introduces new Subtractive Rapid Prototyping system.  Read more >>

General Software: SP1 for AutoVue 19.1
Native document visualization solution from Cimmetry Systems adds support for AutoCAD 2007.  Read more >>

GIS: GeoExpress 6.1
Image file compression and editing tool from LizardTech now offers advanced color balancing and GMLJP2 support.  Read more >>

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