How Many Engineers Does it Take to Launch a Rocket?

8 Jun, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

GlobalSpec's Brain Strainer game provides cerebral amusement


Whereas Google Earth lets you explore the world, The Brain Strainer, a new game from the technical search engine GlobalSpec, lets you launch a rocket into space -- or, to be more precise, into the great void beyond your browser's window. So how do you play? Using standard mechanical components, you assemble a machine that can generate enough energy in a virtual ball to hit the launch pad.p>

The game's addictive nature will probably boost GlobalSpec's traffic, as its makers hope, but it won't likely spawn a slew of plug-ins the way Google Earth has. At best, it might provide some engineers with a few minutes of distraction during coffee breaks. At worst, it might lead to a few missed deadlines, much in the same way Solitaire, Minesweeper and Pinball sometimes do. But the solutions that different players have come up with to solve the game's intriguing puzzle reveal something about how engineers think -- and they don't think alike.  Read more >>


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