Inventing the American Dream

18 Jun, 2006 By: Michelle Nicolson

With help from ID Group, an inventor goes on television and turns his bicycle concept into reality in just three weeks


It's as American as apple pie and baseball: everyday people inventing new products and demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit. The concept is the basis for the TV show "American Inventor," which recently concluded its first season on ABC. On the show, contestant Francisco Patino watched as his invention turned into a marketable product in just three-and-a-half weeks, with the help of ID Group, a product design and development studio based in Huntington Beach, California.p>

Patino?s concept was called the Double Traction Bike. It holds an additional seat on the front of the bicycle so a second rider has a place to sit and also power the bike using an extra set of pedals. A 19-year-old immigrant from Colombia, Patino lives in a New York City neighborhood where bicycling children often carry passengers on their handlebars to get around. He developed the Double Traction Bike idea as a safer alternative.

ID Group's task was a difficult one: create a working prototype on a very tight deadline while a television audience waited and watched.  Read more >>


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