Keeping VBA Alive in AutoCAD

28 Jul, 2010 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Autodesk is ending its support for VBA soon. But what if you haven't migrated to .NET yet?

I've had a number of questions from CAD managers migrating to AutoCAD 2011–based tools that are having problems running their old Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) customization. If you've attempted to run an old VBA project and received a "VBA is no longer installed" error message, you'll be interested in the following.

First, download the VBA module, which you'll find here:

Once you've completed the download, follow the instructions in this Autodesk Knowledge Base article:

If you read all the way to the fine print, you'll see that Autodesk is not committing to VBA support past the AutoCAD 2011 product line. Therefore, smart CAD managers will think about migrating their VBA code to the .NET (read "dot net") environment sometime before the next release!

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Re: Keeping VBA Alive in AutoCAD
by: Patriiick
August 1, 2010 - 4:40pm
Dot NET is less accessible to non experienced programmers, Autodesk error is to think AutoCAD programmers will move to a professional programming environment. Casual programmers will stick to LISP and their only hope to continue using programming in AutoCAD would be the introduction of a serious way to manage dialog boxes with LISP or Visual LISP.

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