Making Money with PLM - Literally

4 May, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

Product lifecycle management helps Royal Canadian Mint pare down and speed up coin production

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Can product lifecycle management help you make money? For Neil Hallam, CIO of Royal Canadian Mint, the answer is, "Yes." From two locations inside Canada -- one a historic castle dating back to 1907 in Ottawa, the other a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Winnipeg -- RCM churns out coins. Not just Canadian coins, but coins for several other countries as well.

"We were just looking for something to tie our CAD systems to our PDM (product data management) system," recalls Hallam. "We looked at all the leading vendors -- about 20 different names, each with its own different tool. It was a real education for us." In the minting business, Hallam points out, "everything revolves around real coins," literally and figuratively. "For any kind of trial marketing, we need die production, tooling and cutting."

The final choice was Dassault Systemes' PLM solutions, a suite comprising CATIA V5 for product development and SMARTEAM for data management.  Read more >>p>


MSC.Software Teams with National Lab to Develop Alternative Energy Systems
Joint effort aims to diminish U.S. reliance on foreign sources of oil.  Read more >>

Report: PLM Technology Key Enabler for Profitability
UGS-sponsored research by Aberdeen Group indicates companies improved time-to-market by including procurement early in product design process.  Read more >>

Dassault Systemes Reports 27% Revenue Growth in First Quarter
Company also reports it is on track to complete MatrixOne acquisition this month. 

Hardware: MFP (Multifunctional Printer)
GEI Wide Format Solutions and Canon create a system for AEC, GIS and CAD wide-format color applications.  Read more >>


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About the Author: Kenneth Wong

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