Making Yourself Marketable (CAD Manager's Q&A)

13 Nov, 2007 By: Robert Green

What can I do to become more marketable and more highly compensated? What should I work on?

Robert Green replies: Great questions! I'll give you my conclusions based on survey data from the CAD Manager's Survey 2007 and some practical experience from the field. Obviously, you'll need to interpret my conclusions based on what makes sense for you.

Better public speaking/writing. CAD managers need to write good executive summaries and e-mail communications. When you have a chance to make presentations to management, you want to do a great job. So evaluate your writing, brush up on your grammar, and find a writing style you like so that writing will be fun. Also, never pass up an opportunity to speak in public and you'll learn from each experience.

More project management. The ability to juggle multiple tasks and priorities while overseeing other workers is a crucial skill for CAD managers seeking promotions. Take on smaller projects first, then move up. As you go, learn to delegate and manage, and it will become easier.

Better software oversight. Knowing not just how software works, but also how different software packages work together, exchange data, and coexist are crucial pieces of information that allow you to plan for your company's software future. All of the highest paid CAD managers I've surveyed are taking this software oversight approach and are getting noticed because of it.

Develop a can-do attitude. This speaks for itself. When combined with project management skills, a can-do attitude creates a superior CAD manager!

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Robert Green

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