MindManager Won't Think for You - But it Helps

25 Jun, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

Mind-mapping tool enhances collaboration for business planning, project brainstorming, design what-ifs and more


Can you read somebody's mind? Probably not -- that is, not unless the thinker happens to own a copy of MindManager from Mindjet and is putting it to good use. To borrow its makers' words, it "transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking and business information into blueprints for action." So it becomes possible for others to scrutinize the thought process, the flow of ideas that might lead to an outline for a project, a concept for a product or a killer business plan. But you're not limited to reading others' ideas only. You can also preserve your own thoughts.  Read more >>p>


AUGI CAD Camp to Co-locate with AEC Science & Technology Federal
Event set for December 5 in Washington, D.C.  Read more >>

AGC to Sponsor Development of Universal Document-Exchange Standard for Construction Industry
AGCxml is designed to save contractors time, money.  Read more >>

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