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11 Nov, 2008 By: Robert Green

Some readers wonder if they should make the effort to learn this programming language.

I have received a number of questions regarding my AutoLISP programming series in the past few issues of the newsletter. Here are some of the questions along with my responses.

Q: Should I still learn AutoLISP given the move to .NET programming?

A: If you anticipate managing AutoCAD-based products (Civil 3D, P&ID, Desktop series products) for any length of time, I say yes, you should learn AutoLISP. AutoLISP can do so much for very little effort that it really is worth your while to learn your way around it. I can't even imagine managing AutoCAD-based products without it.

Q: Does being able to program in AutoLISP make me more marketable in today's economy?

A: Yes. CAD managers who can customize their AutoCAD-based users can market themselves to more companies and demand higher wages than those who can't program.

Q: Do I need to become a real AutoLISP expert to make learning the language worthwhile?

A: No. A little knowledge in AutoLISP goes a long way. The series I did shows you how to control an entire network-based AutoCAD installation with only a handful of commands.

I do think all CAD managers who have AutoCAD-based products should have a working knowledge of AutoLISP. Why not go back though the series of newsletters and try out some of the techniques if you've not already done so. If you approach AutoLISP with an open mind, you'll find it isn't hard to learn and can actually be kind of fun!

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