NavisWorks 2.2

31 Jul, 2002 By: Dave Pitzer

NavisWorks 2.2
 Design review and presentation tool 

pros: Seamless integration of large models for review and evaluation
cons: None significant.
price: Starts at $500

NavisWorks Inc.


It's difficult to describe what NavisWorks does in a few words. Suffice it to say that NavisWorks is an interactive 3D design review solution for everyone involved in the design process: designers, contractors, and administrative staff can visualize and walk through the model in real time. It is designed for use with multiple large 3D CAD models and very large singlemodel environments. It works without the presence of the original authoring software—that is, to view and interact with single or multiple AutoCAD models, for example, you need not have AutoCAD present. NavisWorks converts the models it interacts with to its own native file format.

NavisWorks says that, until now, no single software application has been able to view and navigate through extremely large 3D models without requiring a heavy investment in software or expensive hardware. With NavisWorks, you can navigate in real time through complicated 3D models with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of polygons— with no significant slowdown in frame rate. NavisWorks supports IGES and STEP files as well as CAD packages from Autodesk (including 3D VIZ), ArchiCAD, MicroStation, and Solid- Works.

NavisWorks was used to create this model of a proposed design for soccer stadium Eircom Park. Image courtesy of HBG, RHWL & IMG Ireland.

The ability to combine multiple types of 3D CAD files in a single environment for 3D design review lets a wide range of companies, contractors, and designers collaborate without different file formats getting in the way. NavisWorks supports static views, walk-throughs, and flybys. Faults or flaws in a large complicated project can be identified and corrected before the construction phase. With Navis- Works' Clash Detective module, you can automatically check various design models for clashes with each other.

NavisWorks is best suited for large construction and engineering projects that involve multiple designer, contractor, and construction elements and different model file formats. In environments such as this, it delivers.

You can download or order an evaluation copy of NavisWorks, including large models and a tutorial.

About the Author: Dave Pitzer

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