3Dconnexion Mice Supported by Adobe Acrobat v9 Products

2 Sep, 2008

Accessory enables users to navigate 2D and 3D content within PDF documents.

3Dconnexion announced today that the company's line of 3D mice is now supported by the recently released Adobe Acrobat v9 family of products, including Acrobat v9 Reader, Acrobat v9 Standard, Acrobat v9 Pro, and Acrobat v9 Pro Extended.

Acrobat v9 is designed for creating and sharing Adobe PDF documents, and 3Dconnexion's 3D mice enable navigation of 2D and 3D content within PDF documents. The 3D mice allow users to move in all three dimensions simultaneously, using six degrees of movement. Acrobat users can navigate to pan and zoom within 2D PDF documents as well as rotate 3D objects embedded within a PDF document in Adobe 3D Reviewer software. While the 3D mouse is being used to control an object, the traditional mouse can be used to simultaneously select menu commands.

For a complete list of applications supported by the company's products, visit the 3Dconnexion Web site.