3Dconnexion's New Web Site Aims to Foster Collaborative Development Process

14 Jan, 2009

3DxLabs' visitors have access to prerelease software, periodic surveys, and feedback forms.

3Dconnexion, a provider of 3D mice, launched 3DxLabs, a new online resource designed to bridge the gap between traditional product development and community-driven innovation.

Visitors to the web site have the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and emerging innovations, technologies, and potential products in the developmental stage, the company reports. In addition, visitors are invited to share feedback with 3Dconnexion engineers and developers, helping to influence future product priorities.

"The 3DxLabs web site was designed to foster a collaborative development process so we can better support our community in the ways that are most important to them," said Dieter Neujahr, president of 3Dconnexion. "In addition, customer feedback has always been important to us, and this allows for another avenue in which people can share their opinions about what's working and what's not, ultimately contributing to our future application goals, plans, and support."

One of the first applications available on the web site is a 3Dconnexion plug-in for Caligari, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software. According to the company, 3Dconnexion 3D mice provide a two-handed work style for more intuitive viewing and editing of 3D models and designs.

"We are delighted that trueSpace v7.6 is now available to customers at 3Dconnexion's new 3DxLabs," said Roman Ormandy, founder of Caligari. "The mouse and keyboard are inherently 2D inputs, great for text documents or photo manipulations, but lacking when it comes to moving around a genuine 3D environment. The SpaceNavigator solves that, making it intuitive and easy to fly through 3D worlds in trueSpace or Virtual Earth, so you can be immersed in them like never before."